HHGTTG is a stunning adaptation and a beautiful tribute to one of the most clever minds of our time. It’s hilarious, exciting, and the visuals are top-notch. In terms of remaining faithful to the source material, I doubt any hardcore Douglas fans are going to disappointed. It’s been about a year since I read the book, but I’m pretty sure everything is in there.

There is a sub-plot featuring a special weapon and a relgious-zealot character played by John Malkovich that was not part of the novel, but they are elements that were specifically written into the script by Adams himself before he passed on, so they blend in seamlessly. Some disgruntled Internet critics are grumbling that the Trillan-Arthur Dent romance feels a bit forced and contrived, but that’s just nitpicky bullshit because I thought it was handled quite well.

As far as the acting goes, I was totally blown away by Sam Rockwell’s perfomance as Zaphod Beeblebrox, the two-headed President of the Galaxy. Rockwell was a whirling dervish of frenetic, crazy, rock-star energy complete with fried-blonde David Lee Roth hairdo. My buddy Marc immediately picked up the not-so-subtle attempts by Rockwell to integrate good ol’ George Dubya Bush into his portayal of the character, which I thought was utterly brilliant.

Mos Def is just too fucking cool for school in anything he does. His role as Guide writer and intergalactic hitchhiker in this flick was no different. What can I say? Ever since The Italian Job and “I had a bad experience,” this guy can do no wrong in my eyes. I love the guy! I’ve never seen the British version of The Office, but I thought Martin Freeman was perfectly cast as the fish-out-of-water schlub Arthur Dent, as was Alan Rickman as the voice of the depressed android Marvin (Wicket the Ewok and the Leprechaun himself, Warwick Davis, played the physical role).

Now, while I’m convinced that no sane adult would willingly and lucidly name their daughter “Zooey”, I must say that I have a new Hollywood crush in Zooey Deschanel, who played Trisha McMillan, or “Trillian” in the movie. If you’re not immediately familiar with the name, you know her from Elf and Almost Famous (as the sister). She’s quirky, beautiful, talented, and she has some of the most gorgeous, piercing pairs of blue eyes that I have ever seen. Yowza!


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