So, V for Vendetta turned out to be a pretty damn cool flick, despite being a bit overblown. It runs about 15-20 minutes too long, but I guess 2 hours and 15 minutes is what it takes to ensure the right wing completely overreacts to what is essentially a science-fiction movie.

Seriously folks, this movie does not “glorify terrorism” or attempt to incite riots against the Dubya regime by the vox populi. It does a credible job of showing both sides of the coin. On one hand, yes, the government in this world is a facist dictatorship that rules by fear and lies; completely intolerant of homosexuals, muslims, etc.  However, we are also shown that the “V” character is quite disturbed, and you never exactly feel like rooting for the guy, especially considering some of his actions against the Natalie Portman character.

That having been said, Hugo Weaving turns in an incredible acting performance as the mysterious V, an almost impossible feat considering he spends the entire film concealed behind that haunting Guy Fawkes visage. The visuals in this movie are its strong suit, with some truly beautiful photography and spectacluar splashes of violence.

In the end, all good art provokes thought, and V for Vendetta certainly does that – but It’s ludicrous to think that this movie is going inspire anyone to rise up and do anything against our current government. For one thing, the youth of this nation are zombified by the Internet, Xbox Live, and enough soda and junk food to choke a sperm whale. It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than a movie based on a comic book written in response to “Thatchersim” in England 20 years ago to get these apathetic jellyfish off their duffs. So relax, Republicans, you’re safe…for now.


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