On November 11, Captain Mal, Kaylee, Wash, Zoe, Inara, Jayne, River, Simon, and Shepherd Book will make their long-awaited and glorious return to television.

All right, now that I’ve given you all a near-fatal coronary, It saddens me to inform you that this will not be an all- new episode of Firefly, but a special documentary chronicling the upcoming reunion of the cast at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. The special will air on the Science Channel, which will also be running a marathon of the series leading up to the event.

[quote]”Firefly is a landmark work of science fiction and a favorite with our viewers,” said Debbie Myers, general manager and executive vp of Science. “Ever since it premiered on Science, fans have asked us to do something special to mark its 10-year anniversary. With this signature celebration, punctuated by Browncoats Unite, we will connect the minds behind this classic franchise with its legions of passionate fans.”[/quote]

I’ll have more news and hopefully some photos of the Firefly reunion after it wraps up at the Con Friday.


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