Chronicle shocked the hell out of me when I rented it from the RedBox a few weeks ago. I skipped it during its theatrical run because I am not a huge fan of “found footage” movies, and although this one was a spin on ordinary people gaining superpowers, it had the stink of things like Heroes all over it. It looked low-rent to me, with irritating emo teenage characters that pandered to the Twilight or MTV Teen Wolf-reboot crowd. First-time film director Josh Trank delightfully proved me wrong — as Chronicle turned out to be a taut, badass little piece of super-powered cinema that has propelled his name to the top of many in-development genre movie lists. At one time, he was linked to the upcoming Venom movie, as well as a cinematic adaptation of Shadow of the Colossus (one of the greatest video games of all-time, but that’s for another blog), but it looks like he has finally landed on the Fantastic Four reboot for FOX.

Now, obviously, any director not named Tim Story was going to sound like music to my ears, because that guy’s Fantastic Four films had all the dynamic and emotional impact of a fly fart. Still, while Trank turned in a well-paced, exciting film with Chronicle, he remains unproven and untested when it comes to traditional filmmaking. The Fantastic Four film needs to be grandiose and epic, able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with The Avengers, so we’ll see if he’s is up to the task. But Trank, you listenin’ to me? No latex Thing suit, ok? I see a latex Thing suit, we’re going to have words.


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