A bit of comics-related news for you this morning, as writer Mark Waid celebrates his 25th year in the business. Back in the mid 90’s, when I worked in a comic book store, the staff and I were all unabashed Waid rumpswabs. Seriously, we worshipped the guy, and slavishly read anything with his name on it. His run on The Flash with artist Mike Weringo was legendary, and he hit a career pinnacle in 1996 with the epic Kingdom Come series, painted by another guy we slobbered over, Alex Ross. Waid then moved over to Marvel and wrote X-Men for a while, before turning in another historic run on The Fantastic Four. Waid has recently rejuvenated Daredevil for Marvel, wrapped up his creator-owned series Irredeemable, and launched Thrillbent, a new digital comics imprint. Congratulations on 25 great years, Mark!


Meanwhile, over in MARVEL NOW land, we have two new covers for THOR #1, and THE INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK #1. Both of them look a bit veiny and ‘roided up, and The Hulk is wearing steel undies for some reason. Thor and Hulk fans, what do you think?


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