I’m a HUGE Mr. Show fan; I think it’s the best American sketch comedy show of all-time. One of the funniest writers/performers on that landmark HBO series was Brian Posehn –  a tall, shlubby, impossibly nerdy dude who loves heavy metal, sci-fi, and comic books. Brian is always talking about comics and geek culture in his standup routines (he often tours with fellow nerd comedian Patton Oswalt), and now he’s actually landed a gig co-writing one of Marvel Comics’ most popular characters.

Beginning in November, Posehn and fellow comedian Gerry Duggan will team up with artist Terry Moore on the MARVEL NOW relaunch of Deadpool, which will feature the merc-with-a-mouth communicating with Dead Presidents and battling a giant monster who likes to slurp down house cats, apparently. Here’s a look at the cover art:

I’m not the world’s biggest Deadpool fan –  in fact, I think he’s the most overrated character of the past 25 years – but if Posehn injects the series with his specific brand of dark, unorthodox, messed-up humor, this could be one of the most batshit crazy comic books on the stands.

Here’s one of my favorite Brian Posehn-written Mr. Show sketches (he’s also plays the tallest band member here).


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