JOE KUBERT 1926 – 2012


The Geek League of America is saddened by the death of comic book legend Joe Kubert, who passed away on Sunday at the age of 85. Kubert is probably best known for his work at DC Comics, which included iconic runs on Tarzan, Sgt. Rock, and Hawkman. But Kubert wasn’t simply a great illustrator, he was also a great teacher, and in 1976 he and his wife Muriel founded The Kubert School of Graphic Art in Dover, New Jersey.

Joe Kubert had two sons – Adam and Andy – who illustrated X-Men comics for Marvel throughout the 1990’s, and they remain two of the hottest working comic book illustrators today, thanks to the tutelage and guidance of their great father. Joe was still illustrating comics and attending conventions regularly in recent years, but sadly health complications that left him hospitalized over the past month claimed his life.

Joe Kubert’s style, linework, and mastery of the human figure was impeccable. He brought a solid, yet dynamic feel to his characters that made him one of the finest draftsmen in the industry. His influence is still being felt in a major way in modern comics, and will be for decades to come.

R.I.P. Joe.

Here’s a video my friend Marc took of Joe doing a drawing demonstration at the New York Comic-Con in 2010.


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