We haven’t delved much into video game coverage here at the GLA, but when I watched this trailer on IGN for the much-anticipated Fall of Cybertron, I knew you die-hard Transformers geeks would appreciate a word or two about it. Now, I’m definitely not a hardcore gamer, but I have eyes and I’ve been a geek my entire life, so I think I have a pretty good barometer for what is awesome, and this game looks very, very awesome.

In fact, this two-minute trailer has more narrative cohesion than all three Michael Bay Transformers movies combined. The Transformers are re-designed a bit, but still iconic and easily identifiable; there is no masturbatory military fetishism going on; no offensive racial stereotypes in the character design or voice acting; no Transformers “pissing” or “ejaculating” on well-respected and critically-acclaimed actors; no whip-pans, crash-edits, dizzying circular panning shots, or gratuitous panty shots of sweaty bronzed supermodels with no acting ability whatsoever; and Shia LaBeouf’s pot brownie-eating parents are nowhere to be found. It’s just Peter Cullen kicking ass and taking names as Optimus Prime, leading autobots like Bumblebee and Grimlock into some epic-looking battles agains the Decepticons on a war-ravaged Cybertron. Hey Paramount, instead of Michael Bay’s Transformers 4, can we just have a 90-minute animated movie that looks like this???

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is in stores on August 21st.


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