Sometimes I enjoy slow news days because it gives me a chance to seek out and post oddball stuff like this fan made trailer for an ultra-melodramatic live-action Captain Planet film. Captain Planet & The Planeteers was an animated series that ran from 1990-1993 about a team of  five kids – composed of different nationalities – who are brought together and given magic rings (each with the power of an element) in order to combat pollution and other threats to the Earth’s environment. When a big threat that the kids couldn’t handle on their own arose (which was every episode), they could use their rings to magically summon the blue-skinned superhero Captain Planet, who wields the powers of all the elements, and a mighty green power mullet to boot. 

I was in high school when Captain Planet hit the airwaves, so I can’t speak to how accurate this trailer represents the show or its characters, nor do I have any nostalgic attachment to it. It’s obvious though, that the producers of the trailer are huge fans of the show and are very passionate about Captain Planet. Their enthusiasm shines through the otherwise goofy and overly-dramatic performances by the adult “Planeteers,” and that absolutely insane-looking Captain Planet, complete with airbrushed blue six-pack and moussed-up green ‘do.


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  • Keltari

    Wow. For all the decent production value they put into a fan made fake trailer, you would think they could have gotten some better actors.

  • groovin138

    If it weren’t for that ridiculous Cpt. Planet outfit, (80’s aerobics shirt, painted abs, sweet ass mullet;) I think I would’ve believed it to be a real movie…. Of course with the same feel and potential as Avatar and the live action Dragon Ball Z. Which are both worse than Star War Episode “1.” Not the real Episode One, which is amazing. I mean the more current Star Wars in which Danny Elfman’s corny ass music, consisting mainly of overly loud stringed instruments, sucked any possible life from the franchise as a whole. Anyway, fairly well done fan trailer. However, being an avid environmentalist, and growing up with the dream of a decent movie with this premise, you can trust me when I say that it is impossible to not be lame as Hell when talking about the jerks that are wrecking my trees.

    • @3efa9157b807ecd436c033cedae65d47:disqus – I’m not sure what you mean by “Star Wars Episode 1” Are you talking about the “Clone Wars” CG-Animated series? Danny Elfman has never – to the best of my knowledge – scored any Star Wars music at all. John Williams did the scores for all six films.

      • I was also wondering about the Danny Elfman remark. Strange, internet people…creep me out

        • Jin

          Probably a notion gathered from an episode of Family Guy.

  • Putting a bra on the Captain was probably the wrong decision. I mean at first I thought it was supposed to be from “battle damage” or some crap like that, but the skit at the end seems to reveal a more tailored look, suggesting that’s actually his costume. For realsies.

  • Steve

    Yeah the day a Capatain Planet movie is greenlit is a day I hope humanity never see’s either.

    • Miles
    • I would much rather see a Captain Planet than a sequel the horrible Thor movie. That was the worst movie I’ve seen in at least the last 10 years or more.

      • Danial Horton

        Thor was a good movie, go off yourself.

        • I put Thor on yesterday as background noise and ended up getting sucked into it. Thor is a good movie agreed.

      • Kellic

        Add me to the pro Thor group. Does it have the best plot ever? Nope. It was still entertaining.

        • The beginning was really good! There are a few places at the end of Thor that did look fake but still better than anything TWILIGHT! The most boring, gay wannabe Dracula/Wolfmen! Since when can vampires stay alive in sunlight?

          • Brian Bailey

            In a lot of vampire lore there is no aversion to sunlight.

  • Captain Planet looks like a female wrestler who wrestled too much in blue paint.

  • Robert

    Okay. i hated the tv show but this has all the makings of a cult classic.

  • GotChewZ

    I would watch it.

  • Mikey Ramone


  • CryHavoc

    Just what we need….Ah ELFie superhero….it was bad enough that show was nothing but a 30 minute greenfreak commercial. You notice how there are NO well behaved corporate entities? Dirt Clods…Flatulence….habanero chile payback…diet Snapple….and LIBERAL!!!! Captain Vomit will save us!!!…from progress…

  • Stoshy

    Why!? Why would they do this!?

    Oh gosh! The horror!!!!

    Leave the cartoon alone. It was fine as it was.

  • johnny

    I can’t believe i’m going to say this but it didn’t look all that bad until i saw Captain planet. He looks absolutely ridiculous i don’t think he could ever be pulled off live without making the audience laugh.

    What ever happened to the live action movie anyways?

    • Marc-Andrew Hunnam Nicholas

      I agree totally, I was actually stating to think it was legit until CP appeared and I felt heartbroken that it was just fan made trailer and not the real deal. I loved CP as a kid, and okay some live action adaptations have been horrible, like Dragon Ball Evolution, but now and then they do get it right. Like X-Men, that was a comic and several animated series before turning live action, and yeah okay they went way off the original storyline, but it worked.

  • When Gaia summoned the planeteers, and had them gathered, was i the only one who was waiting fro them to suddenly say it’s morphing time and become power rangers ?

  • doesn’t work anymore…

    • His YouTube channel no longer exists, but someone else uploaded it. Should work now.

  • Wow that fanmade trailer looked better than Thor and Captain America movies both.

  • Ismael Rys

    i mean this is, its … what that word?…it is …. LAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Candice

    This is my childhood memories you are toying with, half assed I might add. I think I’m offended.

  • Airhead

    LOL NO!!!

  • reminds me of a cheap ( B ) movie!!!

  • Actually the story is sound, just Captain Planet don’t translate well to live Action.

  • Really? I almost snorted my Mtn Dew out my nose! Thankfully it is a farce! The show was just not a really good show. I like the whole “Save the Planet” idea, but the script was so week even for a kids show!

  • No mullet, no thank you.

  • Gaia has vitilago? Wtf

  • Kevin Rubio

    Not as good as Don Cheadle

  • bob

    super navi

  • EofA

    Ugh…. Hey… my cousin knows After Effects and his buddy just got Final Cut Pro… let’s get all our bad actor friends together and make some awfully bad movie. It’ll be so cult.

  • With the right casting and production value anything can be turned good. And hell it’s not like at I am typing this certain cities and countries don’t have clean drinkable water. If they made Captain’s suit more modern and even CGI perhaps, it could work.

  • disqus_rEkDkIsGzg

    Put it in the bin…be’yatch!

  • Js

    Super cool!!!!

  • Rob Grizzly

    Lol! This made my day!

    Speaking to the accuracy, they pretty much nail the basics- even the outfits are lovingly recreated from the cartoon.

  • CJ Hill

    hahahaha that end with the recycle bin was great

  • CJ Hill

    and did I see Captain Polution(anti-captain planet) in ther?

  • Neal

    The best thing about that whole thing was KEVIN BRUECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Taylor


  • John Taylor

    Oops! Did not mean to shout. Did not notice caps lock was on.

  • T

    The Caption planet looks lame..He needs to look awesome..who did the makeup, it is not good.

  • Tommy the Tooth

    Somebody ok’d the budget to make this pile of camel dung? This is a joke, right?

  • CC

    I’m going to reserve my judgment on this film until I see it. I’ll comment on some of the smaller points instead.
    -Captain Planet’s outfit? Could’ve used a bit more work.
    – Though he always had a smile in the cartoon, I can understand why he wouldn’t in the movie.
    Last, the last scene in the trailer, highlighted some people are too frickin lazy to put an aluminum can in a recycle bin, even when said bin is 2 ft away from you. That goes for any other recyclable item too.
    The topic of pollution can be spoken of as a joke and mocked. Honestly though? Is it really so funny when animals turn up dead in the sea because of something we threw overboard on a ship, or the wind blows a plastic bag into the sea? Or find something tossed on the ground by one of us, eats it, chokes, and dies?
    People, most people anyway, really don’t care about a topic such as this, unless it starts to affect them. Ugly truth, but true none the less.
    If anyone wants to throw a comment in my face, why don’t you think about the last time you shucked a whole bunch of stuff, recyclable or not, outside some random place just to get rid of it, instead of putting them in either the trash or a recycle bin.

    • Hunter Boyette

      Not a real thing.

      • CC

        Oh, oops.
        Well, it looked like a real movie. -_-

        • Hunter Boyette

          It’s okay. The truly cool thing is that you were willing to reserve judgement until you saw the film, which is better than what most people do.

  • Grifter

    Did… anyone else read this was a fan made trailer? Just curious.

  • Bean

    I like how they couldn’t find a real red headed guy so they just sort of dyed someone’s hair, and sucked at it. lol Pretty spot on on the costumes though. They should go to conventions like this, probably the best (maybe only) captain planet cosplays around.

  • Captain Obvious

    Yeah I read that it was a “fan made” trailer. To be fair, it was mentioned in the first sentence, but toward the middle/end of sentence. I could see how it was overlooked.

  • Craig Armstrong

    Eco Nazi’s are on their way.

  • Dave_Mowers

    I am sooo… looking forward to the more realistic, set-in-modern-world-mythos, superhero of the people; Wal-Straetor!

    He’s old, Jewish, balding, 315lbs of jelly-like greatness wearing a forty thousand dollar pin-stripe business suit with shiny white teeth, a quarter-million dollar custom watch and hundreds of super-hot women constantly trying to bag a date with him to fund their ego-maniacal dream lifestyles while he reverently loots all the retirement accounts and investment vehicles of mindless nimrod Christians!

    He hates democracy, loves government cronyism, bail outs and fascism; as long as it is all directed at the poor and disadvantaged with the money flowing copiously to the top. Now THAT, is a real superhero.

    • Not a NAZI

      Way to go racist Nazi.

      • Dave_Mowers

        GODWIN’S LAW!

  • TheKlot

    That looked like some delicious apple juice that guy was drinking in the bar. Mmm refreshing.

  • Thawed

    Turner used to have one big rule that would lead to termination if you worked at CNN or any of his stations- NEVER dispute global warming. That told me something fishy was going on.

    After a few years I realized while watching an episode, that the stupid kid was always the American kid. The Soviet kid was always the smartest.

    Bunch of worthless, leftist crap disguised as kids show.

  • Brian

    Nope, couldn’t watch it all the way through. When the chick started doing the worst attempt at a Russian accent I’ve ever heard that was it. Just because something is fan-made doesn’t mean it has to be this terrible.

  • Patricia

    Ew. I hated the preachy save-the-planet cartoon and it’s incipid “rap” when it first ran and they still show it on Boomerang. If they do make a movie I don’t think I’ll want to see it.