A couple weeks ago, I did a story on David Duchovny’s interview with Collider in which he expressed his interest in doing another X-Files film. Now, Gillian Anderson has weighed in, and it only adds fuel to the fire. It looks like fans of The X-Files might get that third movie after all.

During a panel discussion at Fan Expo Canada on Aug. 26, when asked about the potential for a third X-Files movie, Anderson replied,

[quote]”I met with [series creator Chris Carter]before coming here and it’s looking pretty good.”[/quote]

She also added that the interested parties still “have to convince FOX.” Seeing as how the second film only grossed a mere $68 million worldwide, it may not be an easy task to convince FOX to do a third film.

Come on FOX, you’ll greenlight a sequel to The Tooth Fairy but not the X-Files? For shame!

(Ed. Note – I think we can all agree that the most important part of of this headline is the fact that Gillian is still smokin’ hot. Check her out at the Annual Critics’ Choice TV Awards:)


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