When the Avengers vs. X-Men crossover began, Marvel swore up and down that Jean Grey would not be resurrected during the event, despite the presence of the Phoenix force in the storyline (this thing had a storyline?) However, judging by the cover of the final issue of the A vs. X series, Marvel is a big fat bunch of liars whose pants are clearly on fire.

That certainly looks like Jean in her “Dark Phoenix” persona, but, as many have mentioned, it could also be Hope — the red-haired young girl who everyone in this crossover is fighting to contain/protect/whatever, or Wanda Maximoff, aka The Scarlet Witch. A vs. X #12 hits comic shop shelves in October, and will lead directly into a new team book called Uncanny Avengers, which features members of both the X-Men and The Avengers. I’ve included an image of that cover as well.




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  • Thats Phoenix

    • I dunno dude, you sure? her eyes are all glowy and scary, her hair is all teased out, and she’s shrouded in darkness. Looks like the crazy posessed Jean to me.

  • Phoenix Killian

    From what I’v been told by friends following the series Marvel found a way around “resurrecting” Jean. It is my understanding that they somehow pulled “Marvel Girl” forward in time. *rolls eyes* I do believe that this may have been a way to once again unleash the Dark Phoenix upon the Marvel Universe. What better way to put an end to the war between the Avengers and the X-Men, then throwing the Dark Phoenix back into the mix. All I can say is I hope Emma Frost somehow is slaughtered mercilessly, Cyclops could use a good case of death to.

    • Actually, there is a regular title coming out that features the “original class” (Jean, Scott, Angel, Beast, and Iceman) pulled forward in time to the present-day, where there are versions of themselves still running around, which means we could have two Jeans. I think that’s what your friends are referring to.

  • Pretty excited to see Havok on the team. Has he done anything in the AvX event?