First off, to any and all Star Wars fans who aren’t watching this show — you’re really missing out! This is all official canon material, unlike most of the “expanded universe” novels that you see in the stores. I remember talking with friends when I was young fanboy about how cool it would be to see what the Clone Wars were all about. When Obi-Wan muttered those few words in Episode IV: A New Hope, it got all of our minds working.

What were the Clone Wars? Who fought in the Clone Wars? Who won and who lost? What were the stakes? Look no further! It’s all here, and it’s great. We saw the very beginning and the very end of the war in Episode II and III respectively. Now we get to see nearly everything that happens and how it all affected and changed the Star Wars universe forever. I strongly urge any/all Star Wars fans and GLA readers alike to check this show out. You won’t be disappointed!

This upcoming fifth season of Cartoon Network’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars is gearing up to be the most exciting and eventful that we’ve seen thus far. There are many forces at play and there are dark times ahead. We’re heading towards the end of the series at this point. George Lucas originally said they wanted to do about 100 episodes or so, and they’ll eclipse that this season. It hasn’t been announced if this will be the last season, but I sincerely doubt it. I’m thinking, at this point, that the series will end after season six.

Series supervising director Dave Filoni is really one of the most creative and passionate guys involved with Star Wars these days. He’s really done some nice work on this show that has eclipsed a good deal of the material that we saw in the prequels. The writing it just…well…better and smarter than the majority of the stuff George came up with for Episodes I-III. So if you’re a prequel hater, rest assured that this show, is much more like the original trilogy in tone and feel.

With that being said, I’ll break down some of the big story arcs, happenings, and whatnot that we should expect to see this upcoming season. WARNING!! SPOILERS AHEAD!!

Anakin’s Descent:

The series has been great with dropping hints and foreshadowings about Anakin’s eventual turn to the dark side. It looks like there will be some events that occur this season that will really show some signs of Anakin losing control, giving into his anger, and reacting violently. Ultimately, perhaps the turn that we see in Episode III will be easier to swallow and make more sense after we see some of these events occur.

Steela and the planet Onderon:

We’ll be introduced to a new character name Steela who is leader of a group of freedom fighters allied with the Republic. Her planet Onderon is under Separatist control and she is leading an underground rebellion to topple the regime. It’s unknown at this time if Steela will be a new recurring character or if she will just appear in a one story arc. It is also unknown if Onderon itself holds some kind of strategic geographic location or vital resource that would prove valuable for either side.

Darth Maul & Savage Oppress vs Darth Sidious:

When the horned Zabrak Sith Lord Darth Maul was discovered alive (albeit in a severe state of demenita) towards the end of the fourth season, a wrench was thrown into the plans of Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus had replaced Maul as the Emperor’s apprentice, so Maul’s resurrection violated the Sith’s sacred “Rule of Two.” Now that Maul has been returned from his deranged mental and physical state, he is very dangerous in a number of ways. He knows things. it looks as if Sidious himself will journey out to confront Maul and his brother, Savage Oppress in the fifth season.

Darth Maul & Savage Oppress & The Mandalorian DeathWatch:

The two Zabrak brothers find themselves to be kind of a wild card amid all the chaos ensuing between the Republic and the Separatists in the Clone Wars.  However, at some point, they will decide to ally themselves with a group called “The Death Watch”. They are a splinter faction from the planet Mandalore, headed by Pre Vizsla, who wish to return their culture to their roots as warriors, by any means necessary. The reasoning behind this could be related to Maul’s hatred of Obi-Wan Kenobi, who has strong ties to Dutchess Satine Kryze, the current head of state of the pacifist government currently in place on Mandalore.

Death of a Jedi?

It’s been hinted that we will see the death of a Jedi this upcoming season. There are several characters who appear in the series that aren’t in Episode III, the most prominent of those being Anakin’s beloved padawan Ashoka Tano. Ahsoka has become a fan favorite with her feisty attitude and her strong sense of self. There has been some footage showing Ahsoka fighting a very deadly Asajj Ventress in an intense lightsaber duel. Her death would be a huge crushing blow to Anakin’s fragile stability. This would be another in a succession of deaths that Anakin has had to weather.

Some other speculations regarding Ahsoka’s fate have her actually join the dark side herself, with Anakin having to take her down himself, with no other option available. Yet another possible avenue is showing a flash forward at the end of the series showing a grownup Ahsoka facing off with her former master, now donning the infamous black armor and sporting a red lightsaber. After all, Vader spent years hunting down Jedi between Episodes III and IV. This is all speculation, so we will have to wait and see what occurs.

Series show runner Dave Filoni said in an interview a few things we can expect from Season five:

  • The best action we’ve seen so far
  • The best lightsaber duels to date
  • Huge consequences

Lastly, here’s a great trailer for season five!


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