Because I have the maturity level of a 13-year-old, whenever I see the title Métal Hurlant, I think of a robot barfing. (Hmmm..perhaps I have more in common with Michael Bay than I thought.)

At any rate, Métal Hurlant of course, is the French title for what we know in America as Heavy Metal (the French translation is actually “Screaming Metal”), the illustrated comic magazine with the busty airbrushed barbarian or sci-fi babes on the covers. The French anthology was made into a well-known animated film in 1981, (the cartoon blood and boobies were pretty mind-blowing if you were a kid at the time), and now a foreign company has two 12-episode seasons of a live-action TV series in the can titled Metal Hurlant Chronicles. The show has only aired in France so far, but it’s filmed in English and is just waiting for distribution in the states. Here’s a description of the series, followed by some more images and a trailer:

[quote]In the lineage of fantastic series such as Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits, Metal Hurlant Chronicles is the adaptation of the world renowned magazine of the same name. Discover the live versions of these exceptional comics by the writers of X MEN , BATMAN , SPIDERMAN , IRON MAN , GI JOE , STAR WARS , SUPERMAN, BLADE etc,… Fitted for the international market, each episode is 26 minutes long an is composed of one story involving Action, Heroic Fantasy, Science Fiction in english, directed by Guillaume LUBRANO.[/quote]  



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