Professor Charles Xavier.

Yep, Brian Michael Bendis has killed the venerable leader of the X-Men, and founder of the School for Gifted Youngsters. What may be even more shocking is the character responsible for Xavier’s death:  his prize student, Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, who is in full possession of the Phoenix force in the crossover series. In an interview published today on Newsarama, Bendis said:

[quote]”This is a death of biblical proportions for the X-Men universe, not only because of who dies, but how they die. There will be an argument that says, ‘Well, he [Cyclops] was under the influence of a terrible, terrible force that he could not control, but he did put himself under the influence. What a tremendous hole for me to work on with [Cyclops]’ character, because he’s got to dig his way out of this. There will be people who will never, ever forgive him for this, and there will be people who will want to kill him for this, and there will be people who make giant choices based on this thing happening.”[/quote]

The fateful issue is on stands today, and the whole A vs. X brouhaha wraps up on September 26, after which Bendis will write a new X-Men book, creatively titled All-New X-Men. I guess they’ve run out of good adjectives over there at the House of Ideas.


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