Director/Producer/Pioneer of 4D, Robert Rodriguez spoke to ShockTilYouDrop at Fantastic Fest and talked a little bit about the sequel to his adaptation of Frank Miller hardboiled comic book, Sin City:

[quote]”It’s going to be closer to the source material than before.”[/quote]
Gee. You just can’t get this guy to shut up, huh? What a motormouth. Settle down, Robert! Rodriguez also added that there will be new casting announcements for A Dame To Kill For forthcoming, and that fans of the comic should also expect some new story elements to keep them on their toes. So, wait, on one hand, Rodriguez is telling us that this will be more faithful to the source material, but on the other, that there will be changes and some new aspects to the stories? Doesn’t the latter statement kind of negate the other?
And how could it be closer to the source material than the first film? That movie was one of the most slavishly faithful adaptations I’ve ever seen, right down to developing a filming technique to ape the actual look of the comic. Hell, 95% of Frank Miller’s dialogue was lifted right off the page as well. That almost never happens in a graphic novel translation.
Rodriguez also discussed the possibility of doing sequel to Predators for FOX, which did okay at the box office with a $127 million worldwide haul:
“We were thinking about it.  I don’t know, I’ll have to talk to them.  They just had a regime change over there – we’ll see what happens.”
So, in other words, no, this is never going to happen.

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