It’s the first episode of THE LEAGUECAST – the official Geek League of America podcast! Yours truly (that’d be Jeff) is your host for this inaugural audio installment of all things geeky and nerdy, and I’m joined by freelance graphic artist/mega-geek Aaron Wood, and League contributor/horror maven Johnny Donaldson, fresh off of his trip to Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas.

In this episode we discuss the announcement of Matt Reeves taking over directing duties on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and the Adele single for the next James Bond film, Skyfall. We then move on to a recap/discussion of the four main Summer blockbusters of 2012, trying not to cause grievous bodily injury to each other in the process. We wrap it all up with some plugs and recommendations for you fine, lovely listeners. So, fire up the player below to listen in your browser, or download the file to enjoy later in your favorite portable media device. Feedback, criticism, and trolling is welcomed in the comments, or by e-mailing webmaster@geekleagueofamerica.com!

Listen to the podcast at the iTunes store, in the player below, or download the MP3.


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Jeff Carter

Jeff is the defining voice of his generation. Sadly, that generation exists only in an alternate dimension where George Lucas became supreme overlord of the Earth in 1979 and replaced every television broadcast and theatrical film on the planet with Star Wars and Godzilla movies. In this dimension, he’s just a guy from New England who likes writing snarky things about superheroes, monsters, and robots.