There are many trademarks of a James Bond film — the beautiful women with sexually suggestive names; the neatly pressed suits and tuxedos; the high-tech gadgetry; the exotic foreign locales; and the famous dry martinis, shaken, not stirred. But one of my favorite Bond tropes is the badass assortment of tricked-out sports cars that Bond utilizes to cart his female conquests around, and evade and assault the bad guys with.So, in honor of James Bond 50th Anniversary, and International James Bond Day, here are five of the absolute coolest!


5.) AMC Hornet Hatchback – The Man With The Golden Gun

This isn’t technically a James Bond car, per se (Bond stole it out of a showroom in Bangkok), but you’ve got to love that amazing 70’s color scheme, and the chase scene involving this AMC beauty is one of the best of the 007 series, culminating in that incredible corkscrew jump over a Thai canal.


4.) Aston Martin DB5 (Die Another Day)

Die Another Day is one of the worst Bond films ever made, but this updated version of the classic Goldfinger Aston Martin is one of the most tricked-out, gadget-laden sports cars in the history of the franchise. This thing was incredibly awesome, decked out with all the high-tech refinements: missile launchers, lasers, auto-tracking machine guns, spiked tires, ejector seats, and – though it is a bit silly – this Aston Martin came equipped with “adaptive camouflage,” rendering it completely invisible!


3.) Whyte Industries Moon Buggy – Diamonds Are Forever

Do you really need a descriptive paragraph here? It’s a moon buggy! Automatically cool, and automatically in the top five. Next!


2.) Aston Martin DB5 – Goldfinger

This is considered the classic, the quintessential James Bond car. Nearly 50 years later, this iconic silver beauty is associated with the character more than any other of the sleek automobiles that aided the superspy in his 23 adventures around the Globe. The Aston Martin blew people’s minds in 1964, with its various gadgetry and refinements. The Aston Martin had rotating dummy licence plates, machine guns, rear window shields, oil slick cannons, bulletproof glass, and the infamous ejector seat! These abilities set the standard for years to come in terms of what a “spy car” should be equipped with, the most famous example being the popular 1980’s arcade game Spy Hunter.


1.) Lotus Esprit S1 – The Spy Who Loved Me

I know Bond fans are going to crucify me for not putting the Goldfinger Aston Martin in the #1 slot, but for my money, Bond’s high-tech cars don’t get any more awesome than the white Lotus S1 from The Spy Who Loved Me. In addition to just looking completely badass, the Lotus had the ability to transform into a submarine and launch surface-to-air missiles that could take out a chopper full of assassins! There’s a certain level of sentimentality that comes along with this choice as well, as I had a kickass Corgi die-cast metal toy version of the Lotus sub when I was a kid.


Bonus: Top Five Sexually Suggestive Bond Girl Names!

5.) Xenia Onatopp

4.) Holly Goodhead

3.) Plenty O’ Toole

2.) Octopussy

1.) Pussy Galore


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