All right, enough is enough! I’ve sad idly by and watched my contributors Tom Racine and Johnny Donaldson hob-nobbing with celebrities and basking the glow of epic geekery at The San Diego Comic-Con and the Fantastic Fest in recent months. Now it’s my turn to wait in long lines for Firefly panels and awkwardly admire sexy female cosplayers who are 20 years younger than me (I’m 38, relax and put the down the phone)!

That’s right Big Apple, get ready, because your beloved Geek League leader is heading to the New York Comic-Con this weekend! I’ll be enlisting the services of my brother and fellow League writer, Shawn to help me traverse the clogged aisles full of sci-fi trinkets on display and dozens of busty booth babes beckoning us to check out their friend’s poorly-drawn indie comic, and navigate through the teeming Aquaman t-shirt-clad nerd masses!

And yes, this will be a work trip for us. We’ll try to send back cosplay photo galleries and images from all the attractions the NYCC has to offer. We’ll try to attend as many of the major panels as possible, and if there are any earth-shattering announcements from the world of superhero films, genre TV, or comics, you can be sure we’ll update the Geek League website immediately.

Shawn and I will be there for all of Friday and Saturday, so stalk our photographs on the Staff page, and if you recognize us, feel free to stop and say hello. I’ll even give you a cool business card. Hope to see you there!


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