Sheesh, you know it’s a slow news day when I’m posting Arrow stuff on the site. At any rate, I missed the pilot for the series the other night because I was busy reading the warning labels on all of the cleaning products under my sink, and other important tasks that didn’t involve watching the Arrow pilot, but our contributor Alex “Krak” Krakower seemed to like it in the review he wrote for us. The show apparently drew HUGE ratings for the CW network, so it looks like we’re going to be stuck with this series for a while. (And knowing how the CW operates, a “while” will probably be at least ten seasons.)

Here’s the trailer and/or sizzle reel that was shown to attendees at last weekend’s New York Comic-Con Arrow panel (I was there, but skipped this panel), which shows off all the DC Comics villains that are going to show up throughout the first season. Deathstroke, China White, Deadshot, and the Royal Flush gang are just some of the names and faces that have been translated to this third-rate Christopher Nolan-meets-Smallville-looking show:


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  • Nick

    I absolutely loved the pilot for Arrow last week, and I don’t see how any comic book fan couldn’t. My coworkers at DISH and I watched the premiere together last week, and even they all loved it, without being huge comic book fans like me. I am recording the entire season with my Hopper so that I can re-watch the season after it airs. This can be a really exciting show, especially with huge roles like Deathstroke and Deadshot making appearances!

    • @95f98cf6a491fa6d13e58a5da250c178:disqus Glad you liked it, but I can’t get past how this looks like a TV attempt at a Nolan Batman, but done on the cheap and with stiff, pretty boy CW actors straight off of the Smallville set. In your opinion, does it rise above that?

  • Tim Shields

    Royal Flush was in there? Where??? I couldn’t see past the bank robbers with hockey masks. Or the crappy Deathstroke outfit. Why keep the mask two-toned if it just clashes horribly with the straight-black commando outfit?
    Really, why have it at all, since that just paints a big, white, apparently arbitrary target on your head? I mean, it works in the comics, because there’s a WHOLE OUTFIT, but it seems like the mask is only there to tell people “o hey Slade from Teen Titans.”
    So far, incredibly whelmed.

    • I think those “hockey mask bank robbers” ARE the Royal Flush gang. I think the masks had different playing card symbols on them.