If you’re a true Browncoat, then you know that you can’t stop the signal. And at the New York Comic-Con’s Firefly 10th Anniversary panel last weekend, series actors Nathan Fillion and Sean Maher gave fans hope that not all light has gone out of the ‘verse. When the inevitable subject of if the crew of the Serenity would ever get back together for more adventures across space came up, Captain Mal himself had this to say:

[quote]“if we’re dreaming, tell me what you think about this: Firefly the animated series!”[/quote]

Now, at first glance, this seemed to be a wishful throwaway comment by Fillion – nothing concrete to get excited about. However, after the Con, the New York Post cornered Sean Maher, who played Simon Tam on Joss Whedon’s beloved space western and asked him if there was any truth to Fillion’s comments:

[quote]I know somebody who is actually trying to get that done, who has approached Joss about it. He used to work with Guillermo del Toro.[/quote]

In addition to these exciting statements by Maher and Fillion, series creator Joss Whedon fanned the flames of speculation by posting a link to Screencrush’s report of this potential animated series to his Facebook Page, which could mean that the story has some solid validity to it, or Joss is simply messing with thousands of Browncoats’ heads. (Joss is a sick bastard, so I tend to believe the latter.)

There was no word if the series would be done in traditional or computer generated animation, but it certainly seems likely that, if the series were to happen, the cast of the show would be up for voicing their characters. With most of the cast busy with films and new TV series, an animated series could be a perfect way to get them all back on board the Serenity, as they could perform the voicework on their hiatus.

Personally speaking, while I would obviously love to see a Firefly animated series, it just wouldn’t feel the same to me. There’s something about the lived-in, weathered interior of that damned spaceship that feels like home to me, and a huge part of me feels like that just wouldn’t come across in animated form. That’s not to say I wouldn’t be parked in front of the TV on a weekly basis watching Mal, Kaylee and crew try to pull off another dangerous job under the noses of the Alliance and ride off into the stars in their Firefly-class jalopy. It would be damned shiny. Stay tuned…you can’t stop the signal….


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