STAR WARS/DISNEY SPECIAL! Jeff is joined by Geek League contributors Aaron Wood, Bob Savage, Jared Skolnick, Shawn Carter, and Adam Moreau to discuss and debate Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm and the announcement of an all-new trilogy of Star Wars films beginning in summer 2015.

Jeff and the crew discuss the the timing of the deal, the effects it could have on other companies like Dark Horse Comics, and the creative direction of the new movies. What will the the new trilogy be about? Who will direct and write the films? Will the old stars come back or will their characters be re-cast? The answers to these burning questions and more await you in episode three of the official podcast of the Geek League of America!

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Jeff Carter

Jeff is the defining voice of his generation. Sadly, that generation exists only in an alternate dimension where George Lucas became supreme overlord of the Earth in 1979 and replaced every television broadcast and theatrical film on the planet with Star Wars and Godzilla movies. In this dimension, he’s just a guy from New England who likes writing snarky things about superheroes, monsters, and robots.

  • Thanks for this great podcast episode. I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan and ever since I first heard the news of a “Episode VII”, I’ve been a state of shock, and I’ve needed to hear some other opinions on this matter. I actually did see all the original movies on the big screen, so since summer of 77 my entire life has been “waiting for the next episode”. I thought I was finally all done in 2005. I don’t think I can go back to that “anticipation” mindset, but that may change as more info comes out. You guys made a lot of valid points, and I agree with almost all of them. “Jurassic Park 3” was GOOD! That’s right, I said it.

    • Thanks @facebook-1276060815:disqus ! I’m glad you dug our podcast. I too, have been a lifelong Star Wars fan, suffering the trials and tribulations of all that goes with it, and I’m still in utter disbelief myself. I’m hopeful that the magic can be recaptured!

  • Hello everyone. Working at night has its advantages; one of which is that I can listen to many many podcasts. I listen to alot of strangers who think they know what geek is all about. I actually know a couple of the people here on the GLA podcast, and one thing i can say is that knowing them makes this already great podcast even better. So for all of you on the podcast, I will say mission accomplished, and a job well done. Fan for life.Now for my take on Disney bullseying the womprat in Beggars Canyon back home.

    Knee jerk reactions are hard to make your way back from. Initially I thought that it was a fantastic idea for George to sell his past to pave the way for his future film forays, but after listening to the podcast I got to thinking about what my love of Star Wars was about as a child and what it is as an adult of 44 years.

    The childs reaction was just as Disney predicted. The little boy inside of me saw himself seeing all the movies, collecting all the action figures, chewing the stale bubble gum inside a package of Star Wars episode 7 trading cards, begging his mom to bring him to Walt Disney World so he could sit in his own X-Wing cockpit. He would eat his newly branded C3po’s cereal for breakfast, while watching The Disney Channels run of Jedi Academy, which is followed by Ewok The Lost Adventures of Wicket that has a sneak preview of Sand People the new Star Wars reality series. More, more, more please please! Then i vomit.

    The adult sits back and adjusts the lumbar support on his chair. His mortgage is paid for another month, but he wonders where the hell the money is going to come from to put his third kid through college. As an adult he remembers the thrill of it all. The pristine moments of bliss and anticipation for the next chapters, after years and years of waiting and longing. The acceptance that they would never compare to the original trilogy never enter his mind. Then the long wait is over, was it worth it? They were ummm, acceptable. He is happy to have lived long enough to see the cycle completed. He claims that George Lucas just needs to have his testosterone level checked, perhaps a patch or a gel will bring his former self to present. News that there is a treatment for another trilogy come to pass. Perhaps George will let someone else direct it, so he can retire the series gracefully, with dignity. The long wait begins again and also the excitement starts to brew. It feels good to wait for the things that are worth waiting for.

    Did you hear that? That was the sound of 4 billion dollars extinguishing any New Hope. All our childhoods bought and sold, and our innocence force choked. Sure they will make new movies, cartoons, comics, toys and video games. Some of them may be good too. But Disney will shove so much Star Wars down our throats, that after a while we will be Star Wars foie gras. Disney will do what it does best, saturate the market till Star Wars films come direct to Disney Dvd. Whos not gonna love I dream of IG88 a bounty hunters love story? What about all the crossover bullshit thats gonna happen between Disneys classic characters and Star Wars. It will be cute at first, but then we are gonna just loathe it. Ya ya, Mickey as a Jedi, Minne with princess leia buns for ears, Goofy as Darth Vader, yuck yuck, Donald as Han Solo, la dee da, its a Star Wars after all its a Star Wars after all.
    The things we love about Star Wars are gonna get watered down to the point where we wont care anymore. We have seen Disneys affect on Pixar with subpar sequels with more to come. We have seen the death of hand drawn animation, and a proliferation of nonsense teenage televison sitcoms. Disney will do everything it can to Star Wars to make its money back and double perhaps triple it investment, but it will be on the backs of all of our future sons and daughters. Future Geek Leaguers like you and me. Im gonna be an old man someday, and ill tell my great great grandchildren about a time when the Star Wars movies meant something to me.
    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…