As I’ve stated in the past, I’m a big fan of cosplayers, and I’ve been trying to think of ways to feature more cosplay content here at the Geek League of America, so I’ve come up with the League Cosplay Showcase — where I’ll try to spotlight a particularly awesome cosplayer once a week or so (probably as frequent as our “humor” category posts).

For our first League Showcase, I wanted to give props to a beautiful and incredibly skilled cosplayer from the Geek League’s neck of the woods, New England. Nicole Marie Jean is quickly becoming one of the most prolific and recognized cosplayers in the country, hitting up conventions up and down the Eastern seaboard in her hand-crafted costumes that range from a sexy Lady Punisher to a fierce she-Predator.

Her latest creation, Lady Bane is her biggest success yet, blowing up all over the geek culture websites and making Nicole a star among the cosplay community. Here’s a few photos of Nicole as Lady Bane as well as several other characters. You can find tons more at Nicole’s Facebook Fan Page.

Nicole, the Geek League salutes you!


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