Go to just about any convention on the Eastern seaboard, and you will likely run into a very funny gentlemen cosplaying as Mr. T, who will often be carrying a comically oversized rocket launcher or box of Mr. T cereal. That gentleman is Macdaniel Macleod, and according to his Facebook Page, you better say he’s the greatest B.A. Baracus cosplayer:

[quote]For me every day is a Pity Party!!!I Pity the Fool that don’t say that I’m the greatest B.A Baracus impersonator in the world GRRRR. I am a professional Mr.T, BA Baracus, Clubber Lang, Nite Elf Mohawk impersonator, Cosplayer, Actor, Model, Bouncer, Bodyguard, and Motivational speaker. My hobbies include martial arts, body building, and drawing. If you have a problem and no one else and can’t hire “The A-Team” at least you can hire BA Baracus![/quote]
I’ve run into Macdaniel at two or three cons over the past year (check out the photo of me posing with him below), and the guy is just flat-out hilarious. He’s friendly, accomodating, willing to pose for countless photographs, and he is always in character. In fact, one of the best things about his Mr. T impression is how much it actually sounds like Fat Albert! Macdaniel is a great dude and a fantastic Mr. T cosplayer. I pity the fool who don’t love this guy!
Macdaniel, the Geek League salutes you! [all photos taken from Macdaniel’s Facebook Page]

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    Wow a black scottsman? Now that is Hilarious!