20th Century Fox has set an official release date for the Fantastic Four reboot, which will be directed by Chronicle helmer Josh Trank. The film will be released on March 6, 2015,  joining two other major superhero event pictures that are due out that year – Avengers 2 and The Justice League. The screenplay for this new iteration of “The World’s Greatest Superheroes” is by Michael Green and Jeremy Slater. It’s the first screen credit for Slater, but Green has a litany of superhero stinkers on his resume, including Heroes, Smallville, and the putrid Green Lantern screenplay.

That doesn’t exactly inspire a whole lot of confidence for the film, but Hopefully Trank — who dazzled with the surprisingly awesome Chronicle — can make something special out of whatever Green and Slater turn in. The world needs a Fantastic Four film that’s larger than life, imaginative, bristling with chemistry among the cast members (they are a family, first and foremost), and has a sense of epic scope similar to The Avengers. Sadly, I don’t believe Fox is willing to pour in the funds necessary for the Fantastic Four to achieve that status, but one can hope. I’m personally hoping for two things: A menacing, terrifying Doctor Doom (Julian McMahon’s version was one of the wimpiest and worst screen villains of all-time), and this cover brought to life:


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