Welcome back to League Cosplay Showcase folks! Each week, we spotlight a different talented and awesome cosplayer who brings something fresh and dynamic to the world of cosplaying to the table.

Our featured cosplayer this week is DJ Spider, a statuesque, retro-superhero costume enthusiast based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. The thing I love about DJ Spider is that she embraces the more obscure female characters from comic books and sci-fi of the 70’s and 80’s. In a sea of Harley Quinns, Batgirls, and Black Widows, DJ Spider stands out at Conventions with her awesome retro cosplays of heroines like Jocasta, 80’s “punk rock hair” Rogue, Orchid, Dazzler, Artemis, Big Barda, Barbarella, and more.

Here is just a small sampling of her amazing craftsmanship — you can find much more at her Facebook Page. DJ Spider is also an actual DJ (check out the pics of her in Dazzler gear spinning at a party), and she is an Admin for The Superhero Costume Forum. DJ Spider, The Geek League salutes you!


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