We’re huge fans of The Venture Brothers here at the Geek League of America, so when someone pulls off some incredible Venture-related cosplays, we definitely take notice, and this week’s League Cosplay Showcase features some awesome Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (and her short-lived stint as Queen Etheria) cosplays from our friend Emily Skrodzki – aka Akane Saotome. Emily’s Venture Brothers costumes are so badass, she was even featured on an Adult Swim bumper!

Emily is another fantastic East Coast-based cosplayer who is really into the creativity and craftsmanship of the hobby. She sews, hot glues, molds, sculpts, and even creates custom-made wigs for all of her intricate costumes, which cover a wide spectrum of geek culture — from Anime and superheroes to video game avatars and Disney princesses.  Emily even operates her own online cosplay business, called BlackMoon Cosplay, offering custom-made wigs and cosplaying accessories to those looking to get involved in the world of cosplaying.

Here’s a very tiny sampling of Akane’s amazing and colorful cosplays, and you can find a whole lot more on here Facebook Fan Page, and her Cosplay.Com Profile. Emily, the Geek League salutes you!


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