Welcome back to another League Cosplay Showcase, gang! Each week, we spotlight a talented, gorgeous, awesome, sexy, cool, or bizarre cosplayer and their geeky creations. If you have any suggestions for please feel free to e-mail us at webmaster@geekleagueofamerica.com.

This week’s cosplayer Liana Richardson, a heart-meltingly beautiful geek girl from Maine who makes a fantastic movie version of Sally Jupiter, aka the first Silk Spectre. I came across Liana’s Facebook Fan Page while researching cosplayers for this week’s showcase, and I just loved her beaming smile and the enthusiasm that shone through in every photograph. Liana also has a really fun female version of Duke Nukem, and other great cosplays like a dynamite Psylocke and an Arkham City Harley Quinn. I definitely look forward to seeing what Liana has to offer the world of cosplay in the future. Liana, The League salutes you!

Check out some more of Liana’s costumes in the gallery below!


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