“You’ve seen him on Reddit, Flickr, 9Gag, Tumblr, Imdb, G4TV, Wonder Con, San Diego Comic Con, Facebook meme’s & more, well here he is!” 

Thus reads the intro of the Facebook Fan Page for Anthony Misiano, a wildly popular Joker cosplayer who has amassed nearly 50,000 followers in a very brief span of time. Misiano immediately rocketed to geek superstardom when photos of his amazing cosplay went viral after debuting at San Diego Comic Con 2012. Possessing the perfect facial structure and an impeccable makeup job that involves no prosthetic pieces whatsover, Harley’s Joker looks like he walked right off of the cover of a Batman comic book and into reality. The effect is nothing short of astonishing…perhaps even disturbing.

Harley’s Joker draws massive crowds of photographers at conventions, and a team of indie filmmakers have even featured Anthony in a trailer (below) for a web series they hope to put together called The Batman Chronicles. (You can help fund the project by heading to their indiegogo page.)

Anthony Misiano, the League salutes you! [All photos in the gallery beneath the video are from Harley’s Facebook Page.]


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  • Denise

    I love Anthony Misiano’s attention to detail! Even the Harley costume he made was super impressive!