When it comes to cosplayers with rabid, dedicated followers, the voluptuous Ivy Doomkitty has some of the most devoted admirers on the Internet.  Boasting well over 25,000 “Likes” on her Facebook Fan Page, Ivy is not only a stunning, buxom west coast-based cosplayer, but also “a video game junkie, comic book reviewer, cosplayer, artist model, bellydancer, and cake decorator!”  

Ivy sends a lot of love and appreciation to her fans, and one of the unique aspects of her popularity is the numerous memes that her fans contribute to her website; many of them centered around the “DAT ASS” euphemism that certainly applies to Ivy’s dangerous curves. Ivy is another cosplayer whose joy and passion just beams through every shot in her photo albums. In addition to her red-hot Betty as The Rocketeer set, she has a bevy of sexy female comic favorites like Elektra, The Black Cat, Psylocke, and Ms. Marvel, which you can check out in the photo gallery below. She also sells prints of her cosplays on her Storenvy website, check it out!

Ivy Doomkitty, the League salutes you! [all photos are from Ivy’s Facebook Fan Page]


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