In the world of cosplay, “icon” is not an easy title to come by, but drop the name Abby Dark-Star, and fans will immediately know you’re talking about one of the true superstars in the costuming community. This San Francisco-based beauty is a true ambassador of the hobby; she’s always  promoting positivity and creativity in the cosplay world and spreading the word about her fellow cosplayers across all social media platforms.

Abby brings some truly amazing cosplays to life, like her ornate Poison Ivy variations, a classic Marvel Black Widow, The Black Cat, Catwoman, Slave Leia, and a super-badass female version of Halo’s Master Chief — “Mistress Chief,” naturally. But the costume I chose to spotlight in this week’s League Cosplay Showcase is her super-sexy and fun Thor Bunny costume, which debuted along with the rest of the “Avengers Bunnies” at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. The Avenger Bunnies cosplay  group was a fantastic mix of 50’s pin-up style, classic Playboy bunnies, and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The results were nothing short of stunning and loads of fun for all!

Abby sells prints of her cosplay photos at her StoreEnvy site., and you can see many more of her costumes at her Facebook Fan Page. Abby Dark-Star, the League salutes you! [all photos were provided by the cosplayer and are posted with her permission.]


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