Paris Sinclair is a self-professed “Cosplayer, Model, and Nerd Enthusiast!” She combines stunning beauty, hand-sewn and crafted costumes, and beautiful photography to create a perfect storm of cosplay awesomeness. And speaking of Storm, Paris’ fantastic Storm cosplay immediately caught my eye when I was reviewing cosplayers for this week’s feature. I love how she translated the character’s classic look with the ornate headdress and those striking white eyes that make you feel like she’s ready to summon a mighty lightning strike!

Paris also has an awesome action photoset of Jade from the Mortal Kombat series, complete with dynamic fight scenes where blood is spilled! The rest of her cool cosplays are a nice mix of classic comic book heroines like Elektra and Psylocke, and Anime characters like Ms. Fortune and Lilith. She even makes a knockout Padme from Attack of the Clones!

You can see all of these photosets and more on her Facebook Fan Page. Paris, the League salutes you!


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