There’s only one word to describe this week’s featured cosplayer, Rose Ryan: STUNNING. This spectacularly gorgeous costumer is a model and college student who loves music and video games, and — unsurprisingly —  she’s even been in the spotlight over at sexycosplaygirls.com.

Rose’s Silk Spectre II is undoubtedly one of the best I’ve ever come across on the Internet, the costume itself is sleek, sexy, and authentic,  and Rose’s hypnotic eyes and amazing poses truly bring the character to life. As you can see in the gallery below, she also makes a scorchingly hot Kaileena from the Prince of Persia video games, X-23 from the X-Men comics, and the schoolgirl fighter Candy Cane from the Rumble Roses games!

In addition to these awesome photos, Rose also has a set coming up which features her decked out in Darth Vader attire as she faces off against a Spock cosplayer. You can check that out and all of her other photo sets on her Facebook Fan Page. Rose, the League salutes you! [All photos posted with permission from the cosplayer]



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