UPDATE: (3-11-13) The Official Star Wars website has issued a full report on their animation plans moving forward.

U.K.-based Star Wars news and info site Jedi News is reporting that the CG-animated Clone Wars cartoon is dead — a likely victim of the re-jiggering and re-structuring Disney is implementing on their shiny new intellectual property:

Although not yet officially confirmed, we’re hearing from several sources tonight that The Clone Wars as a TV show\series has ended.  It’s not yet clear what will happen to the unaired finished episodes, those partway through production or if they will try to tie the show up with a direct to DVD\Blu-ray movie (something that Disney are known to have done with some of their other properties).

Okay, I have a huge confession to make: I’ve been a Star Wars fanatic all of my life, but I’ve only seen The Clone Wars movie and a handful of first season episodes. My brother Shawn — who co-hosts the LeagueCast podcast and also wrote an article about The Clone Wars series for the site —  is always on my case for not checking out the weekly adventures of Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ashoka, and brave Clone Troopers Cody and Rex. Apparently, the show has really come a long way from its first shaky season, with improved animation, lighting, character design, as well as increased dramatic stakes, exciting action, and new characters like the Mandalorians and Darth Maul’s brother Savage Opress.  There’s no question TCW has a huge fan base and has made a lasting impact on children. Over the past few Halloweens, the stores have been loaded with Clone Trooper costumes, and the toys fly off the shelves.

It’s really quite a shame if these rumors are true and Disney pulls the plug without giving the show’s crew a chance to wrap it up and seamlessly marry the events of the series to the beginning of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Some fans have speculated Disney is moving the show over to their Disney XD network, but there are rumblings out there that the Mouse House is simply trying to veer away from Prequel-era material in an effort to remove it from the public’s consciousness as they gear up to tell stories that take place post-Return of the Jedi.


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  • Would be a great shame if this is true, the show just hit a great run in the past six episodes and set up well for a final great season before we are subjected to fat princess leia, ancient han and washed up luke