If you don’t know what Axe Cop is all about, I suggest you stop reading this, carve out a few hours in your day, read all of the batshit insane Axe Cop comics over at the official website, then come on back. I’ll wait.

All set? Pretty flippin’ sweet, right? Well now all of that unbridled imagination and lunacy will be captured in glorious, full-color High-Definition animation this summer, when FOX debuts the Axe Cop series as part of their Animation Domination HD lineup (hey, wait…ADHD…I see what they did there…).

The trailer above is the first full-length for the series, which looks like it captures all of the bizarre stuff (like a T-Rex in giant sunglasses, with dragon wings and gatling guns for arms) in the the webcomic perfectly. I love the kid’s narration in the beginning (it could be Malachai Nicolle, the kid who actually wrote all of the Axe Cop stories), and Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson on NBC’s Parks & Rec) makes for a terrific deadpan Axe Cop. Look for it on July 27th.


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