It’s been quite a while since we heard from Peter Jackson protegé Neill Blomkamp. The young director shook off the setback of losing the HALO adaptation, making a splash with his dusty, visceral Apartheid allegory/Alien refugees on Earth film District 9. He’s finally returned to the scene with Elysium, a sci-fi flick that promises more gritty realism, superb special effects work, and class warfare. Matt Damon stars as a man stranded on a polluted, ravaged, over-populated future Earth, desperate to reach Elysium — the opulent space station that houses the wealthy and privileged. Here’s the first trailer for the film, which fills me with sadness and remorse — not because it doesn’t look fantastic (it does) — but because it reinforces my belief that Blomkamps HALO film would have been mind-blowingly cool.


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