The new Man of Steel trailer promised by the official website is here, and…

It. Is. Stunning.

Gorgeous. Goosebump-inducing.

After a couple of early trailers that focused on bearded fisherman Clark Kent, and some beautiful, bucolic cinematography of the Kent farm in Kansas, we finally have our first real sense of the scope this film is going to show off. There’s footage of Russell Crowe’s Jor-El sending baby Kal-El to Earth, where “he’ll be a God to them“; we see Michael Shannon’s horrifying Zod vowing to find Kal-El; we find out that Lois Lane has been tracking Clark for years trying to find out his secret; and we get our first glimpses of some spectacular superhero action. Folks who have attended test screenings of Man of Steel claim the final battle rivals and perhaps even surpasses the last act of The Avengers. That’s a bold claim, but I sure would love for that to be true.

The one problem this trailer has? The underwhelming score…God, I missed the John Williams theme here more than ever…


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