Guillermo Del Toro took to Pacific Rim‘s official Facebook page and released this new trailer for the film, which he says was intended to be shown only at this year’s WonderCon. If I had to describe this footage in one word it would be totallyfuckingfacerulingmindshatteringpantscreamingawesome. Fuck you, that is one word.

This trailer really lays out the full plot of the film, and features tons more kaiju (that’s the giant monsters) kicking the ever- loving shit out of the Jaegers (that’s the giant robots). It appears that after humanity developed “Gypsy Danger” and the rest of their defense mechas, they started to win the war against the creatures from the deep, but soon the kaiju turned the tide and handed humanity its asses, so as we join the action in the film, the Earth is just about on the brink of total annhilation. Luckily we have Jax from Sons of Anarchy, Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (as a scientist? really? There’s no way I’m not going to think of “Dayman” or boiled denims watching him try to spew tech jargon here), and the ever-present badass Idris Elba around to save the day.

And…HOLY SHIT…did that robot just smash a monster in the face with a motherlovin’ oil tanker??? My body is ready.


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