Here’s another one those mash-ups/art experiments that is sure to be met with equal amounts of awe and outrage from the geek community. Artist Mike Roshuk has taken classic Disney Princesses – the Walt Disney company’s cash-generating cadre of tiara-clad, sparkly-gowned, bluebird-serenading female protagonists – and transformed them into sexified, scantily clad warrior seductresses who looked like they walked out of Zack Snyder’s deepest erotic dreams. Sweet and innocent childhood icons like Snow White, Ariel, and Pocahontas have been outfitted in belly chains, armor, blades, and thigh-high stockings; ready to slaughter crappy CGI monsters in super slow-motion.

So what do you think? Is this a fun, badass, empowering makeover for the Disney Princesses? Or is it a misogynistic, exploitative nightmare that simultaneously objectifies women and ruins childhoods forever?

disney-warrior-princesses-2 disney-warrior-princesses-3 disney-warrior-princesses-4 disney-warrior-princesses-5 disney-warrior-princesses-6


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  • Longshot

    And the only black princess is the only one with a gun BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY.

  • MamaRea

    It’s a misogynistic, exploitative nightmare that simultaneously objectifies women and mucks up both girls’ and boys’ childhoods.