If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, “How creepy would it be if a flying, Superman-like being showed up to patrol our skies, but never said a word and had absolutely no moral compass?” The answer is, really friggin’ creepy. Terrifying, actually. And that very unique premise is explored with chilling effectiveness by special effects artist Marcus Alqueres in his short film – The Flying Man.

Combining elements of a horror movie with the superhero genre (why hasn’t anyone thought of this before???), The Flying Man presents a scenario wherein a mysterious silent being appears in the sky, and soon begins to straight up murder criminals in gruesome ways, like dropping them from great heights, or snatching them up and throwing them in front of a speeding train! What the hell?!? It’s pretty damned awesome.

Remember the name Marcus Alqueres – because you’ll probably be hearing it a lot more in the years to come. He’s worked on special effects for Hollywood films like 300 and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and he’s looking to make the transition to directing with a feature-length adaptation of this haunting short. I, for one, can’t wait to see what this could look like with a hefty budget, and the original ideas Alqueres could explore.


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Jeff Carter

Jeff is the defining voice of his generation. Sadly, that generation exists only in an alternate dimension where George Lucas became supreme overlord of the Earth in 1979 and replaced every television broadcast and theatrical film on the planet with Star Wars and Godzilla movies. In this dimension, he’s just a guy from New England who likes writing snarky things about superheroes, monsters, and robots.

  • RyAnn

    Please please make this a feature!!!

  • Psy-Ko Smiley

    Loved this! Hope he makes it in to a full length feature!

  • Sammy

    I cant wait to see this in theaters!!! make this a feature!!!!

  • waltereg0

    This HAS been done before, in Garth Ennis’ The Boys. This short is outstanding, but I’d bet the creator has read The Boys.

    • Jake Harris

      I doubt that George Lucas would have created the Death Star if he hadn’t read a science fiction novel called “Berserker”. Or if the creators of Halo hadn’t read Ringworld. The point is that the best authors (directors included) must become the greatest thieves. It is not wrong to use a good idea to make a better one. It’s how we evolve. Was that not the reason why we have such powerful technology today?

      • Jake Harris

        Don’t get me wrong, original ideas are good, too. But if you can make something awe-inspiring or thought-provoking, then you have talent regardless of the originality of one idea. Plus, it’s better than another vampire vs. werewolf rehash that seems to be the trend lately.

        • waltereg0

          Yeah I know, I wasn’t saying it’s wrong, just making an observation.

    • qmechanik

      When, in the boys, did they have a guy not speak and fly around just picking up people and dropping them.

      • waltereg0

        There were two superhero characters like that: Black Noir was faceless and didn’t speak. and The Homelander flew around picking people up and dropping them to their deaths. Specifically in one scene he picks up a family of four, lifts them way up into the clouds and then drops them.

        The short’s creator basically merged Black Noir with the Homelander into one (which is not such a wild twist, given that [SPOILER ALERT] at the end of The Boys it is revealed that Black Noir is The Homelander’s clone, and the reason he obscures his face is to hide that he looks just like Homelander.

  • Goblin

    Wasn’t the Will Smith movie, Hancock, essentially this?

    • I hardly think so. Will Smith spoke, he was clearly human and people knew who he was, and most importantly… he didn’t sadistically murder people. This has a totally different tone.

      • Jake Harris

        Interesting. I had thought the same thing about what Goblin said. But now that you mention it, that is kind of an interesting take. Now I kinda feel like he was similar to the Silver Surfer in the second Fantastic Four, but with a darker purpose. Is he human? Why is he targeting specific criminals? What is his idea of due process? Honestly, I kind of equated the Flying Man’s ideals to Light Yagami and his views in Deathnote. So the question is, is this man a hero or a terrorist? If he has powers that none can match, how can he be stopped?

  • Lead Sharp

    “Combining elements of a horror movie with the superhero genre, why hasn’t anyone thought of this before???”

    wow, there’s an un-researched statement if I ever read one.

    Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Ghost Rider, Black Orchid and that’s just off the top of my head.

    Just because it’s never been seen on film doesn’t make it any less valid.

    • Of course it doesn’t make it any less valid, but in this instance, I was referring solely to original film concepts. I wouldn’t have much confidence owning a website called the Geek League of America if I hadn’t ever read a Swamp Thing or Ghost Rider comic. 😉

      • Lead Sharp

        Ack fair do’s, apologies if I came across snotty, it’s been a bit of a week lol

        Chronicle maaaybe but an actual superhero/horror FILM (lol) can’t think of one of the top of my head. Would imagine studios are too scared to muddy the cash cow with a pint of fake blood.

    • Vick

      Those examples are trash and cheesy (ghost rider), to my knowledge I don’t think I have seen a thriller/superhero movie/show that was as well made and up to date as this one. As long as this guy does get the attention he needs and funds for the go ahead the only advice I give is DO NOT give away the identity of the SH and do not have a romantic interest.

    • Nick Nolte

      Try “UNBREAKABLE” movie.

  • MJT

    Please don’t put non-smokers in your movies smoking. They look ridiculous.

  • Chris Berel

    Didn’t Will Smith do this?

    • Jake Harris

      I was thinking the same thing. lol

  • Renaldo

    Couldn’t see the hype. It was like Bale became the Punisher who became Superman. Nothing exhilarating. It’s good but not great.

  • Stemafia

    Did Superman and Dexter have a baby?

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  • KarmicRadiation

    Everybody should through money at this guy to see what he can do full feature

    • Ger

      through money? Don’t you add your input or it’ll be ruined.

      • jeff

        Hey i understood that guy ,did you ? Oh you did, but you just wanted to be a shlong ??! GOOD FOR YOU .

        • markfive

          Misspelling should always be pointed out so it doesn’t spread.

          • Fenrisfil

            Naturally, so should douchebaggery.

  • Shane

    If you are going to have a main character that chain smokes cigarettes, be sure he actually smokes. This guy is faking his smoking so blatantly..

  • Anthony Cardona

    I think this is interesting, it takes a different point of view from the “superhero.” It puts it on the minds of the criminals and their struggle with this new form of “justice.” A lot of people are saying it’s like “Hancock” but it isn’t. Hancock was still good and never killed. This guy takes the evil out, no trial, no mercy, just kill. I would like to see a full length feature of this. It could be of any superhero. Of the struggles of villains, trying to survive and keep going like there isn’t some vigilante out to get them. It is kind of like medieval times, instant justice. Very interesting short, would love to see this expanded. Just not as a superhero movie, more of a mystery-thriller, but you never find out who it is.

  • Jens Emil Ravn Nielsen

    Yes please.

  • majormajor

    It has been done before. “The Day the Earth Stood Still” , The Silver Surfer, pick one. This is just the beginning of every superhero movie, before the superhero comes in to stop the super villain. That being said, cool short.

    • qmechanik

      The Day the Earth stood still had a protagonist with a clear goal, because he spoke about his mission. Heck, he was fairly affable and friendly.

    • markfive

      Um. “The Day the Earth Stood Still” was about an alien sent by a large civilization who had a clear mission about saving humanity from its own self-destruction. This is about a mysterious person flying around with no clear agenda other than maybe killing criminals. Nothing alike at all, actually.

  • Of course, I make videos too, I am also a successful ukulele player and I trained Chuck Norriss to high kick.

    Don’t believe me? Go to photobucket, search for slrman, prove anything I have said is untrue or STFU and KMA.

  • Shalmaneser

    Why the sadism? Cheap drama? Gore? object lessons? (Sending a few modern mechanized divisions into a dictator’s country to send the message around the world: This also could be you) A superman could just snap spines, crush skulls, decapitate mercifully fast. Leaving survivors to report back is also effective.

    • qmechanik

      He could be a regular guy who is just really angry at criminals and wants them to suffer. He could also be something inhuman that sees it as a really efficient way to kill people, not really understanding (or caring) that it’s so merciless. Or something else altogether.

  • Mitchell

    If you like this sort of thing, just read the comic book Absolution. Brutal, but beautiful.

  • ctcardam

    that fat guy might be the worst actor outside of porn…actually I take the porn thing back. He’s awful

  • sethdark99

    we need a movie. a full one please do it. 😀

  • Rogros

    I’ve seen this concept done before with other vigilante fictions like the Punisher, the Boondock Saints, Deathnote, etc. But I think this is an interesting take on it because the vigilante is a very visible super-powered being. I mean, with the Saints, the Punisher, and Deathnote, the vigilantes in question were all very good at picking their targets and killing them, but they were all still human, and so not as much of an object of impotent fear. Humans can die. This flying man thing, whatever it is, seems to be most certainly not human. At the same time he is considerably more visible. Unlike the others where you just find the bodies or a message they leave behind, this guy is out there flying around all the time in the public eye. He doesn’t need to hide out in between kills. That brings the psychological fear factor to a whole new magnitude.

    I would like to see this movie. It’d be interesting at the very least.

    • Simon Champion

      The guy has skills and would make a decent job of a full length feature IF the studio appointed an experienced script writing team and an experienced editor. The camera work was competent but the lighting, especially in the car while driving at night, needed more contrast. The concept is a good one, especially if the ‘hero’ remained a cypher, a background against which the human drama plays out, rather than the cheap cop-out of becoming yet another superhero origin story.

  • officerbill

    Excellent, I’d actually pay to watch a full-length version

  • Asanfilippo

    Read the book called Steelheart. It’s a different take on super heroes.

  • markfive

    Not exactly “original” – same old superhero set up, really. And honestly, I don’t see any real talent as far as the guy’s direction goes – it’s mostly stationary shots and the usual shaky cam, flying-guy stuff that’s been done plenty of times – and there aren’t any “ideas” here at all. I mean – it’s not BAD (apart from the acting) – but it would be nice to see the guy trying something even somewhat original; this seems to be an effort to just get a studio to pay him to make yet another in a million-and-counting superhero movies – which is fine, I guess, but the hype in the article gave the impression that it would look like at least a new take on the idea.

  • kolmogorov

    That’s an ANTI-HERO -.-
    Like the Punisher. Dexter. The Crow…

  • Ned Carter

    Ever heard of Batman? while the video is cool, the premise is ancient.

    • Guest

      batman doesn’t kill people

      • Fenrisfil

        Except for when he does. READ MORE COMICS.

    • Ben

      Plus, the video is from the other way around. The people feel the same way about Batman, but we still see it from Batman’s perspective.

  • Peter Koepp

    Superman meets The Boondock Saints! What an awesome idea!

  • Ian Hollinhead

    Great job you guys, I wish they would have more behind the scenes on these sort of things showing how long it took to make, and how it was made.

  • Haha I love this. So weird and unique. If I could fly, that is exactly how I would do it.

    • Poop

      Killing people with no due process? That’s hardly justice. There’s a time and place to kill as a vigilante. Bu don’t kill someone if they’re not hurting anyone. Especially if they’re not hurting anyone.

  • Fenrisfil

    I liked this. Though I’m a little concerned that Jeff Carter has apparently never heard of the Crow, Punisher, Hellblazer, Preacher, Swamp Thing, Blade, Morbius, the movie “Chronicle” or perhaps even Batman, to name but a few. It’s safe to say someone has thought of it before. Having said that, the video itself was pretty good and had a nice angle with no information being given on the Superhero himself. That aspect, more than the horror/hero hybrid is what makes it original. Interesting to note however there is actually quite a fine line between Horror and Super-hero. Freddy, Jason, Pinhead and Chucky would make quite the frightastic four.

    • Pfft, dude, I totally know who Morbius is. He’s that guy who gave Neo the red pill so he could escape the Matrix. DUH.

      • MasterZiggy92

        Bahahaha You win.

    • jan

      Thank you! :p

    • oilskeptic

      I believe Fritz Leiber, the fantasy author, wrote this, “Superheroes are monsters in bright light.”

  • Sylvia101

    Creepy, yes. But I agree this is not a new idea. Stormwatch leading into The Authority explores some of these same themes.

  • joe

    dude loved it way cool

  • Lee

    This is not really like batman or the punisher because none of them had super powers. So it’s a different take on the cookie cutter superman thing.

    • Russell Smith

      Not quite. Superman in the 30s was hard-bitten, like all the heroes of the time. He even threw a guy’s car over a cliff in one of the Sunday strips written by Joe Schuster. In the 30’s and 40’s, superheroes weren’t common place, and the general public reaction (in-universe) was generally negative, tinged with fear. It was latter that characters like Superman were homogenized and made bland. Ultimately, it ruined the genre until the 70s when we started to get a pushback against the draconian Comics Code Authority that had essentially robbed superheroes of any ‘edge’ they had.

  • styrch

    Reminds me of Brandon Sanderson’s Steelheart books.

  • realist1953

    just because of the way it was “shot” [flying guy at a distance, like “you are there” footage] it was scary like the first Alien, or Exorcist.

    But cool movie. Even if the only followed this one guy, and the flyer was always ‘background’, it could be a great story.

  • Odd

    Kinda reminds me of Irredeemable.

  • James Blooden


  • Thomas Hanks

    It looks good although the author seems to have forgotten, someone has thought of this… It was called Hancock…

    • Dominique

      That is not the same thing really.

    • Laurie

      Wow no. This is literally nothing like Hancock. Hancock was an alcoholic and didn’t give a damn anymore. This is someone completely sober who knows what they’re doing and deals out his form of justice(?). And I highly doubt there’s any chance of romance like with Hancock.

  • keyholestyle

    what about Chronicle? there was similiar idea 😉

    • Guilherme

      WTF? Just because the guy flies too? I think then we can insert the Superman in this context too.

  • Leon

    God that was awesome!

  • Dirch

    The next Neill Blomkamp

  • Daniel Magner

    Agreed. I can’t wait either. This is what this genre and the motion picture industry has needed in general…..fresh ideas! What a clever way to draw the audience into the film. The acting seemed a bit “forced”, but the pacing,effects, the rest was impressive…….Bring it on! This fanboy wants more!

  • Guilherme

    I saw every absurd comment here. Batman? It is a different proposal. The film happens from the first to the last minute, nothing more. The proposal is to show a story not by sight of the superhero but by sight of the ordinary people, ordinary people commit faults, but that doesn’t necessarily make them bad characters. It’s a completely new proposal. Has nothing to do with Batman, Superman or with Chronicles because it don’t show what the superhero think, we just imagine what can it be. In history we walk next to the citizen, not next to the superhero like all other superhero movies.

  • Guest

    Awesome concept, terrible actors, need better writer, director and dp. Just get a real cast and it’ll make a killing and they’ve done enough of the work to get a real actors attention. Can’t wait to see how they develop this idea.

  • Guest

    Awesome concept, terrible actors. Just needs a better writer, director and dp. Just get a real cast better actors, some significant dialogue, better direction and definitely better dp and it’ll make a killing. They’ve already done enough of the work to get a real cast, crew and distributors attention. Can’t wait to see how they develop this idea.

  • Angel Ciudad

    Awesome concept, actors not that great. Just needs intelligent dialogue, much more seasoned director and a dp that doesn’t make it look so much like video or a bad RED movie (at the very least tell your editor to throw a film filter over the thing) and it’ll make a killing. They’ve already done enough of the work to get a real cast, crew and distributors attention. Can’t wait to see how they develop this idea.

  • Adam Tierney

    First minute was great, everything after that was bleh. Should have been a 3-minute short entirely with news footage. The weak writing and actors brought down a solid concept.

  • Valeas

    from what i can tell the whole premise is its not a super hero, its not a supper villan… its just a super thing, its not out saving people, its not getting kittens down from trees, its just flying death that targets “bad people” people it judges as bad people with families and kids… the originality is that its not a film about a super hero or a person with super powers its a film about the people and the city that live in fear of judgement, how small a crime will it kill for? and how many will it kill

  • Jan

    Dr Manhattan in Watchmen, Darkman, Spawn, Punisher, Swamp-Thing.

    I’m at work, so those are just the ones that came to my head. Could probably name even more fitting ones though.

    • MMAddict

      Want a cookie? Well you don’t get one because no one gives a shit

  • Batman

    Comments sections are the worst. Bravo to this guy. None of these comic book titles or heroes that are being mentioned matter, guys. The director did something that turned heads. It doesn’t matter what his recipe was, or what you assume it was. He may have never read a comic book in his life. This worked. Why do have to dismantle it? Why can’t we just give the director and crew their due praise? We get it, reader. You know more about comics than the the next guy (and this guy, admittedly), and it’s your duty to educate the non-reader on something that really doesn’t affect how they view this film anyway, and then to disregard the work that, again, has proven successful for this short film. Also, what’s all this talk about a comic book about me?

    • mike michaels

      the deeper the understanding of a work, the greater the pleasure and appreciation of genius. much like the difference between hearing a symphony and having the chops to understand the construction.

  • Glaciusx

    this was terrifying.

  • ryuumajin

    Actually, there has been, with a slight variation.

    “Death Note”. Vigilante goes awry in the hand of a supposedly-genius-idealistic teenager.

  • Adam

    It’s basically ’30s superman mixed with Slenderman. That’s brilliant.

  • prideingaming

    this was inspired by the plot line of deathnote

  • gone

    i buy a ticket!

  • Renzo Maicol Olguin Villafuert

    is there a kickstarter to have this made into a feature film?

  • Neil Varone

    This was pretty good other than the passengers acting.

  • rowdy13

    Damn, that was fantastic. And I want more.

  • Kyle

    Looks awesome. Wtf was up with the article though. Kinda goes overboard with the whole terrifying/creepy thing.

  • Harry

    I’d pay to see a full length movie of this 3 times the day it comes out.

  • μολὼν λαβέ

    good stuff

  • Rayn

    This is amazing and someone should make this a full-length film.

  • Kyle Boyle

    I like how they say, “Why Hasn’t anyone thought of this before” People think of awesome idea’s like this all the time. Its just nobody gets recognized because they arn’t rich and famous.

  • Thomas Gray

    but why was the last guy spared?

    • Ted Govostis

      Assuming the flying man was following for a bit, he probably heard him protest against the gun being used “I thought this was going to be peaceful” I believe was the line.

  • frank_castle

    so it’s just the punisher with supermans powers?

  • Brock Dodson

    Everything after the intro was incredibly dull.

  • this is awsome !!!

  • acitizen22

    Wow…….with all the lousy movies out there, you’d think they’d be falling over themselves to get this guy some screen time. Brilliant concept.

  • Pieter Uithol

    And he should be gay as well…… well why not?

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  • Spaceraptor derp

    He’s flyin past yo buildins,
    Snatchin yo people up
    Tryna kill em
    So yo need to
    Hide yo crims
    Hide yo crooks
    And hide yo burgulars
    Cause they’re killin evrebody out here.
    (To the tune of bed intruder song)

  • redman913

    Silver Surferish