Hey gang! Jeff here with a quick update on some stuff you can expect to see this week and into early next week. Right now I’ve got two of my top men down in Austin, Texas, for the annual Fantastic Fest. Who? Don’t worry about it. Top. Men.

The Fantastic Fest is a film festival run by the greatest theater in the world – the Alamo Draft House, and it’s a showcase for both big time genre studio releases, and the freakiest, most subversive independent horror, sci-fi, action, and fantasy films. Escape From Tomorrow, the batshit crazy movie filmed illegally inside Disney World is playing the festival, and it will also be the premiere of Robert Rodriguez’ Machete Kills. We hope to bring you reviews of those two films, as well as more of the insane indies that dot the festival slate.

Check out the full schedule of films and celebrity guests at the Fantastic Fest website. First review goes live Thursday morning.


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