Now, try to contain your jealousy when I tell you this…for the second straight year (and my third as a member of the press), the Geek League of America will be representin’ at the second-largest annual comic book/pop culture/media convention in the free world – New York Comic-Con!

I’ll be roaming the floor in my GLA t-shirt, alongside my brother and fellow Geek League contributor/LeagueCast co-host, Shawn Carter. We’ll be meeting up with fellow GLA contributors Tom Racine and John McCarthy, and rumor has it our DC comics guy Paul de Vries will be in attendance, rocking an awesome Clock King cosplay.

We are going to try to hit all of the big panels and events, and if if anything HUGE breaks, we’ll try to post it up on the site as soon as humanly possible (wi-fi Gods willing).  And of course, I’ll have a full review/recap of the event, as well as a cosplay photo gallery here on Sunday or Monday.

If you can’t make to the Big Apple yourself, fear not! The Geek League of America has two exclusive live video streams that will run ALL WEEKEND LONG! Gawk at the massive throngs of geeks shuffling through the floor! Marvel at the comic book, movie, video game, RPG, steampunk, horror, and other nerd splendor on full-color display! Check out all of the awesome, funny, sexy, and weird cosplay! It’s just like being there, except you won’t run the risk of contracting “con plague,” you don’t have to eat bad con food, you won’t get poked in the eye by the metal blade of an Archangel cosplayer, and—best of all—you don’t have to wear pants!

NYCC 2013 Show Floor/Panel/Queue Hall Video Stream #1:

Watch live video from NYCC on

NYCC 2013 Show Floor/Panel/Queue Hall Video Stream #2:

Watch live video from NYCC2 on


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