Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to speak with Marty Langford, the director of DOOMED: THE UNTOLD STORY OF ROGER CORMAN’S FANTASTIC FOUR (you can listen to the podcast here and read the interview here). I just had the opportunity to check in with Marty about how DOOMED is moving along.

On how post production is going:

“Post production on Doomed is going really well, though the sheer volume of content Mark (Sikes) and I have unearthed is pretty daunting. Not only do we have 50 hours worth of interviews, but we have reams of paperwork – call sheets, production logs, storyboards, contracts, scripts drafts and revisions – not to mention the magazine articles, marketing materials and props for which we were given access. It’s really remarkable. I can honestly say, without hyperbole, that this will be the definitive, last word on this film. “


Marty spent a few weeks in Los Angeles meeting with the cast and crew:

“The interviews could not have gone better. Each and every subject was gracious, insightful, revealing and, in some cases, shocking. Oley Sassone, the director, was especially forthcoming – passionate in his stories on the facts that lead up to the eventual shelving of the film. Oley and I also recorded an audio commentary for THE FANTASTIC FOUR, that we’ll make available.

Mark and I were acting as investigators during the interview process, drilling down to the truth through the cracked lens of 20 years of memories from the cast and crew. And I’m happy to say that we’ve pretty much got the whole story. Not only that, but to be able to document the words of the cast and crew, and to see the result of their dedication to the craft of filmmaking, well… we just couldn’t be happier with the way the film is turning out.”

Director Oley Sassone

Director Oley Sassone

Marty’s big “get” for the film was an interview with film legend Roger Corman:

“The highlight was surely our interview with Roger Corman. We interviewed him in his office, surrounded by posters, props and paraphernalia. He regaled us with the events leading up to the production of the film, as well as some insight into what happened after it was finished. Quite frankly, it was highlight of my professional career.”


Marty and the legendary Roger Corman

What’s next?

“As I continue creating a rough cut of the film, as well as a sizzle reel which we hope to release in the next month, Mark is writing a book on not only the process of creating our film, but his role in the production of the original film. This book, which we’ll release as an e-book, is available for pre-order on our site, along with lots of other goodies that fans of the film may be interested in.”

You can check out the site for the film here where you can pre-order your copy of the movie and more. Stay tuned to the Geek League of America for more on DOOMED as it happens!

Here’s a photo gallery of stills from the documentary, featuring the actors and some props from the Fantastic Four film that never was:


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