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Another minisode for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary special has been released this week. This week’s minisode is a must-view for all Whovians interested in Gallifreyan warfare. Unfortunately there is no YouTube version for us to embed, but a free download is available through iTunes.

This week’s minisode, titled “The Last Day,” features some juicy footage of the Doctor’s home planet, Gallifrey, as recorded through the “Headcam” of a rookie Gallifreyan soldier. A Headcam is a cybernetic implant that enhances and records everything a Time Lord sees. It also converts a tiny part of the brain into a hard drive.

By getting cybernetic implants, the Time Lords are starting to resemble their sworn enemies, the Daleks, who are cyborgs themselves. If you saw last week’s minisode, you’ll remember this exchange:

Doctor (Paul McGann): “Well look at the bright side, I’m not a Dalek!”

Cass: “Who can tell the difference, anymore?”

One of the Headcam’s major side effects is that it uploads images of death and destruction into the user’s brain. The Time Lord giving the new guy his orientation assures him that these are just hallucinations and not actually premonitions, which means that they totally are premonitions.

The next piece of Gallifreyan technology we learn about are floating barriers known as “sky trenches.” An older commanding officer explains:


“Almost nothing in the universe can get through a sky trench. Nothing in history’s ever gotten through two. Up there, they’ve got 400 of them.”

The Time War is very much like the Trojan War. The Daleks are the Greeks, who have superior warriors, but, like the Trojans, the Time Lords have superior defenses. As long as nothing breaches the sky trenches, all should be well on Gallifrey. However, as the younger commanding Time Lord explains:

“If just one Dalek made it through, it could destroy this entire city. That’s all it would take. One Dalek. One Dalek acting alone and we’re finished.”

You don’t need a head cam to anticipate what happens next or why the minisode is called “The Last Day.”

We didn’t get to see the Doctor in this minisode, but we did get to see the dire circumstances that made him assume the role of a warrior. If one Dalek can destroy an entire city on Gallifrey, an entire race of them could destroy the universe. Like last week’s minisode, this one shed more light on last season’s exchange between Hurt’s and Smith’s Doctors.

John Hurt: “What I did, I did without choice.”

Matt Smith: “I know.”

John Hurt: “In the name of peace and sanity.”

Matt Smith: “But not in the name of the Doctor.”


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