So, Rogue died this week.  I wasn’t sure if I should tell my daughter, as Rogue is her favorite and she’s got a signed Michael Golden sketch on her wall from when she met him this summer.  But I figured hey, she’ll find out at some point, so I just blurted it out.  Her eyes got big, real big, her mouth tightened, then softened, and she shrugged.  “Dad, I told you this when they killed Professor X.  It’s Marvel.  She’ll be back.”

Well, Grace, I got to thinking, and you know what?  You’re right.  Here’s the track record of Marvel killing and bringing back their merry mutants:


5.) Angel/Archangel


In fifth place, we have Warren Worthington, who by my count has died twice:  First, when Cameron Hodge blew him up and Apocalypse turned him into Archangel, and again when Psylocke shoved the Apocalypse seed into his Apocalypse-possessed Dark Angel.  I believe I just set the record for using the word Apocalypse in one sentence. Currently, we have TWO Angels running around the 616: resurrected Tabula Rasa Angel, and time-napped young Angel. Good thing I pay attention, because otherwise, having two versions of the same character in the same continuity at the same time would be confusing.  Wait, it is.


4.) Cable


In fourth place, we have the man outside of time, Cable aka Nathan Summers. He got blown up fighting Gambit and Sunfire (serving Mr. Sinister) in Cable and Deadpool, and then he valiantly sacrificed himself during Second Coming. Except he accidentally traveled a gajillion years into the future and Blacquesmith was there to send him back to save the world again. Again. He gets fourth place over Warren because I’ll give him a half a point for also being Stryfe and Nate Grey, and they’ve both died a total of two times, so being clones/alternate versions of Cable, he gets 2.5 deaths.


3.) Nightcrawler


Nightcrawler takes the bronze metal.  Seriously.  He also sacrificed himself to save Hope in Second Coming.  Then Remender brought him back in his Age of Apocalypse incarnation, and Pak came up with Kid Nightcrawler.  These were great ideas, and enabled the character to come back without doing anything stupid.  Then within a mere 12 months, both AoA and Kid Nightcrawler were killed, bringing his death total to three.  This would have been decent enough, but apparently there is a Comic Book Heaven, and Original Gangster Pirate Nightcrawler is back from the dead.  (I would bet Angela will come into play in Amazing X-Men at some point in all this silliness.)


2.) Professor X


Since it’s my rules, I’m giving Professor Charles Xavier the silver medal, even though I don’t have an exact number right now.  There’s been clones, Brood, Legion killing him and sparking Age of Apocalypse, an Evil Xavier in Legion’s mind, Onslaught, Sh’iar/Transmode Virus issues, Muir Island debacles, and of course, his star student setting him on fire.  There was also the most recent Xtreme X-Men run, which dealt with a team of Exile-like mutants running around the multiverse killing different Xaviers.  I’d go check on all this, but the long box with all of this nonsense is in the baby’s room, and I’d rather not wake up my infant on account of my OCD.


1.) Jean Grey/Phoenix


The grand prize and gold medal for Dying and Coming Back the Most goes to our very own and lovely Jean Grey, the Phoenix.  Well, to be fair, that’s what a Phoenix does, but this girl takes that title seriously. She got blown up in space, and came right back as Phoenix.  Then she went Dark Phoenix and killed herself. Then we got Madelyn Pryor, her clone via Mr. Sinister, but don’t worry, Reed Richards figured out that Dark Phoenix was a fake Jean when Captain Marvel and Black Knight found the real Jean in a meteor at the bottom of Long Island Sound.  Marvel Girl stuck around for a while, married Scott, but he got sick of her and cheated on her with Emma Frost, and Xorn/Magneto killed her anyway.  But WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  Age of Apocalypse Jean hung in there for the longest of any incarnation, but unfortunately earlier this year she became Apocalypse Phoenix, and died while closing off the Age of Apocalypse reality.  No, I am not making this up.  Lastly, gracing the pages of All-New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men, we have Teen Jean (time-napped by Beast) running around starting the Battle of the Atom, and she ended up having to fight Future Teen Xorn Jean, who besides Future Duck Dynasty Mustache Colossus, was the only casualty of Battle of the Atom. (yes, I’m still struggling with that crossover. I’ll evaluate it at some point.)   And the next mutant event?  The Trial of Jean Grey


So don’t worry about Rogue, or Scarlet Witch, or even Wonder Man (who’d died and come back also.)  Give it time – somebody will come up with a reason to bring them back.  Here’s hoping it’s better than some of the ways I’ve gone through here!


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