Merry Christmas from Trenzalore: THE TIME OF THE DOCTOR Full Trailer


Hey, kids! (And I mean “kids.” If you load up your adult brain to watch Doctor Who then you’re doing it all wrong.) It’s the full trailer for the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas Special The Time of the Doctor. And do you know what Santa is bringing you this year? (SPOILER ALERT) A dead Doctor! Yay!

As every little child and Whovian knows, current Doctor Matt Smith is set to pass the reins over to incoming Doctor Peter Capaldi in just a few short weeks. This trailer is your first look at just how that’s going to happen, and it looks like we’re headed right back to Trenzalore, the site of the Doctor’s grave.

Coming on the heels of the purely excellent The Day of the Doctor (starring John “Caligula” Hurt), this year’s Christmas special has a lot to live up to. Showrunner Steven Moffat seems to understand this as he’s packed the special with the newly Gaiman-ized Cybermen, Daleks and, for reasons I hope are all about bringing the Eleventh (Twelfth? Thirteenth?) Doctor’s story full circle, The Silence.

Is this all going to work or is it going to be too much? Will Moffat trend the special towards the lackluster quality of the 7th Series or will he ride the wave of The Day of the Doctor to rekindle the heights of the 5th Series? Will Matt Smith’s wig hold up? Will Jenna Coleman look cute as a button as she runs around screaming? (Yes.)

Will Peter Capaldi be the best Doctor ever, ever?

Maybe, but he’s up against stiff competition. Matt Smith’s going out a champ.


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