Anna Paquin’s Rogue Has Been Chopped Out Of X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST


Bryan Singer has announced that Anna Paquin’s performance of Rogue for the upcoming X-Men:Days of Future Past now rests on the cutting room floor.

Everybody take a deep breath.

It’s okay.

Apparently Paquin filmed one scene. I would then presume in said scene, Rogue didn’t battle Ms. Marvel in San Francisco, absorb her powers, and then go punch Sentinels a bunch before dragging Nimrod into the Siege Perilous. That’s the Rogue we want, and it wasn’t coming anyway.

I’ve raised concerns about how faithful the Fox adaptations have been to the source materials. Rogue didn’t join the X-Men until about 30 issues (give or take) after the Future Past story. This cut brings us closer to the text.

Anna Paquin is great, I am not saying I’m glad she’s not in the film. However, this is a good decision on Singer’s part to pare down the cast and hopefully bring us an awesome X-spectacle in 2014.

Would have been nice to see Rogue punch holes through giant robots, though.


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