Bryan Singer Will Use The FIRST CLASS Cast In X-MEN: APOCALYPSE


While roasting some marshmallows over a roaring bonfire fueled by comics and pricey whiskey, Bryan Singer announced that he will be using the cast of X-Men: First Class, and not his “classic” X-Men cast (Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, et al.) for his upcoming film X-Men Apocalypse.

Actually, this isn’t the worst possible news for X-fans – one early “leak” revealed Magneto was going to become Apocalypse at the end of Days of Future Past. Not joking. Thankfully, Singer recently debunked that particular bit of nonsense in his Empire interview:

“That’s not the case,” Singer said. “People were concerned we were making Apocalypse an alien. It’s odd. I don’t know where that came from.”

So, let’s run down the cast:

For Charles and Erik, we have James MacAvoy and Michael Fassbender. Would I rather have Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan back for another go? Sure, but it looks like Days of Future Past is the torch passing ceremony. MacAvoy in Wanted was cool, admit it, and Fassbender is quickly putting his foot down as one of our generation’s greatest actors. The leads are in capable hands.

Jennifer Lawrence won’t go away, but honestly, go watch Winter’s Bone. She is a strong actor. I didn’t like Silver Linings Playbook, but mainly because of the fact that my mental breakdown wasn’t even close to being that funny. So we will have an A-list Oscar-winning leading lady in a funny book movie. Not a bad thing.

I’d written off Lucas Till’s Havok, but this young man has since worked for Park Chan-Wook in Stoker. So he gets a pass.

Caleb Landry Jones as Banshee? Worked for Cronenberg’s son for his directorial debut Antiviral. Impressive.

Lastly, Nicholas Hoult’s Beast. This gentleman killed it in Warm Bodies.

Aside from using the Marvel AOA Omnibus as toilet paper while writing the script, the cast for this film is respectable. I think the torch might be in better hands from a whole group perspective, excepting the departing British legends. It’s a promising group of young talent. Here’s hoping the script gives them a chance to shine.

Who’s playing Sugar Man?


The very definition of restraint in character design…


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