Three New Images From GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Emerge; Trailer Debuts February 18th


Tomorrow night Jimmy Kimmel will give us the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.

Today we got a look at three images from the film. The weakest and most useless shot is a close-up of the dreamy-eyed and wispy-haired Star-Lord Peter Quill:


Second, here’s the Milano, the ship that taxis our heroes around the universe. I’m not sure if this is above Earth or some Nova Corps planet. But there’s the ship. It’s not the Millenium Falcon, but it’s not an F-14 either. I am very curious how they play with sound, if they tried to create a unique engine roar:


Apparently you will be able to get this in Lego form, too. Lastly, play “Little Green Bag” and picture this lot walking in slow-mo. Then Rocket Raccoon will tell a story about running into a narc-sniffing German Shepherd in a bathroom. Also, images of all the toys are up as well. Spoiler alert- Iron Man is in there too…



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