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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has side-stepped needing an explanation for magic at pretty much every turn. While most of their movies remain grounded in pseudo-science, like Iron Man and Captain America, even the use of characters that are regarded as magical in the 616, like Thor, have been explained as “future technology,” or even aliens. So when rumors started churning that one of Marvel Studios and Disney’s potential next wave movies could be Dr. Strange, people started to wonder how exactly Stephan Strange’s brand of very magical powers might be explained.

Now Marvel Studio’s president Kevin Feige has said, in an interview with Badass Digest, magic is going to be a pretty technical power in the MCU:

Are you watching the Cosmos series? That’s magic, [the quantum physics]. It’s unbelievable. If somebody knew how to tap into that stuff, what’s the difference between that and magic?

You don’t get into it in Harry Potter, but if a scientist went to Hogwarts he’d find out how some of that stuff is happening! We’re not going to spend a lot of time on that, but there will be some of that. And particularly for a character like Strange, who goes from a man of science to a man of faith and who traverses both worlds. And sometimes there won’t be an answer! Sometimes he’ll want an answer – “How is this happening?!” – and nothing.

That said, there’s been no actual confirmation from either Marvel Studios are Disney regarding an official announcement on a Dr. Strange release date, though there is a shortlist of directors, with Sinister and Exorcism Of Emily Rose helmer Scott Derrickson recently added to it. Feige said in an interview with the Huffington Post, “I would be surprised if [a Doctor Strange movie doesn’t happen]. Maybe three or four years, yeah, we’ll see. But, I would like it to be the case.”

Rumor has it, there’s a Dr. Strange-related easter egg in the upcoming Captain America: the Winter Solider, so keep your eyes peeled!


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