DC To Scrap New 52, Unveil NEWER 52


It’s been a stellar couple of years, but this year fans will have to say goodbye to DC’s beloved New 52, and say hello to their “Newer 52.” The company’s co-publishers, Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, broke the news to the New York Sentinel on Monday, March 31st.

“Like Flashpoint before, the Future’s End event is meant to usher in a restructured universe,” DiDio said. “We were going to call it ‘Universe Ends’ but we didn’t want to spoil the ending until this press release.”

“We’re very excited about this change,” Lee said. “DC’s New 52 is a great universe, it just needs a little tightening. I mean, did you know we introduced three different characters named Lobo? That’s nobody’s fault, really. Just the kind of thing you can expect when a shared multiverse has been around for close to three years.”

DiDio told his customers not to fret about the changes.

“Our longtime fans will get to see beloved characters like Bunker, Talon, or who could forget Starling? But of course, we have to do something to draw in new readers, so the founding members of the Justice League are going to be a lot younger – straight out of high school. In fact, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne are going to be college roommates. Expect crazy antics!”

There will also be a shuffling of creative teams. Scott Lobdell, on again off again writer of Red Hood and the Outlaws, will be writing Tween Titans as well as the titular series of the feminist icon, Wonder Woman.

Early concept art for the NEWER 52 Lobo.

Early concept art for the NEWER 52 Lobo.

“I don’t see why Themyscira has to be an island,” Lobdell said. “It could be a college sorority, you know? A sexy one with communal showers and naughty hazing rituals. I think our female readers will find it very empowering.”

Of course, not all DC’s fans are excited about the Newer 52. Recently, online personality, Geeky Greg, posted a rumor on his blog that has caused quite a stir:

“I’ve been a loyal reader since I was in high school,” the 19 year old blogger writes, “and I don’t think I can continue reading if they’re going to break up the most beloved couple in all of comic book history. I’m talking about Superman and Wonder Woman!”

“I’m actually pretty excited to see Supes play the field,” a commenter named krypto99 on the blog said. “I’d like to see him hit it off with Jimmy Olsen next!”

“This will re-energize our writers as much as our fandom,” DiDio said. “Back in 2011, we gave our writers two years to retcon origins. These past couple of months we focused on the villains of the DC Universe. Honestly, I don’t know what’s left to explore! But this fall we will be releasing 52 titles set in our new universe, 20 of which will star Batman.”

DiDio also addressed accusations that the Newer 52 was just a cheap marketing trick.

“I’m not going to lie. Reboots give a great temporary boost in sales,” DiDio said. “I think it would be great if we could just reboot the universe every couple of years. It keeps things fresh!”


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